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What is CrewSounds

You know the kind of situation. You sit in front of your computer, flying around, but something is missing. Exactly, you are alone (usually). While on normal flights, you are sitting with several people in a plane. But as a home pilot, you are sitting alone in front of the computer.
With CrewSounds2 2010 it will change a little. You are still sitting alone in front of the computer, but at least you can hear in the background a little something. CrewSounds is a little freeware stand alone application create a real ambiance in your simulator. It plays automatically the corresponding audio files for the current situation. So if the doors are closed and the aircraft is ready for departure, you can listen to the welcome message of the captain. During the flight, you can hear people walking around and talking and At the end, your purser says good bye to the passengers.

What you need: FS9 or FSX, FSUIPC (or WideFS), Microsoft .Net Framework 4

Interested? Give it a try.